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Adopted July 2016

  • All parishes with a footprint wholly or partially within the boundaries of the Blackdowns Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (BH AONB) may send representatives to General

Meetings of the BHPN

  • All BHPN parishes may apply to become full members of the Network.
  •  Full Membership is confirmed by an annual subscription to the Network (requested in the autumn of the current financial year). The subscription covers administrative costs, website upkeep and incidental meeting expenses. Surplus monies are reserved for supporting actions agreed by the Steering Group with reference to the membership at General meetings
  • The recommended contribution is 20-25p per electoral roll member in each parish.
  • Communication with all parishes, whether subscribing members or not, is via the Parish Clerk or Chair of the Parish Meeting. Parish Councils are requested to nominate a councillor or another parishioner to represent the parish at meetings.
  • As a stake holder of the BH AONB, the BHPN is invited to elect representatives to that Management group from time to time.
  • Any parish may nominate representatives, subscribing parishes are entitled to vote in the event of any relevant election.
  • Membership of the three working groups under the broad headings of Communications ( Comms), Traffic, transport and Highways (TTH) and Planning and Housing ( P&H) is open to BHPN parishioners.

Membership of the BHPN entitles parishes to the following:

  • Nomination of representatives to the Steering Group
  • Representation at General meetings (twice a year) and the right to vote at such meetings.
  • Consultation regarding matters of importance to the BH AONB community.
  • Parish Clerks are invited to ensure that such BHPN matters are included in Council agendas for discussion when requested.
  • The website is available for use by AONB parishes without their own website.