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1 - portrait - A drone view of the blackdown hills  A drone view of the blackdown hills
Why Join?
Why Join?

The Blackdown Hills could be described as a hidden area. Even though it is distinctive in many ways, and a National Landscape, people often do not treat it as a unique district, a whole.

Covering two counties, two district council areas in Devon, and a new unitary system in Somerset, it has three MP’s and all the problems that such a diverse local government system incurs.

Any kind of cohesion and planning is challenging and despite the National Landscape (previously AONB) organisation having a Blackdowns wide role, there is a vital need for the 39 parishes involved to work together for their own benefit.

Working together is the only way we will preserve the Blackdown Hills and its unique way of life, landscape, history and culture.

Working together gives us a place at the table when strategic and important issues arise.

Working together gives us a voice which is increasingly getting heard.

Not all of the 39 parishes have a total footprint in the National Landscape but they all have a role to play, and voices to be heard.

The BHPN aims to identify, address and promote issues of common concern for these parishes and work for cohesion and consistency among the local authorities responsible for the National Landscape.

The common concerns of these Parishes are to:

  • stimulate participation in local life and community decisions
  • protect and enhance the natural beauty of the Blackdown Hills
  • understand then practically address the impact of climate change
  • encourage sustainable employment and business
  • promote accessibility and resilience of transport and better communication
  • urge best practice in agricultural production
  • increase a sense of place, identity and belonging
  • support wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle
  • work to combat rural isolation
  • foster well-designed housing in small hamlet settings

By joining the BHPN your parish will also get the opportunity to contribute to an annual meeting with the MPs for the Blackdown Hills.

To see the specific issues we are currently working on addressing, you can view the work plan by clicking "What we are working on" below.

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