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1 - portrait - A drone view of the blackdown hills  A drone view of the blackdown hills
What we are working on
What we are working on



The purpose of the Blackdown Hills Parish Network (BHPN) is to represent and act for the

benefit of the parishes wholly or partly within the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding

Natural Beauty (AONB). The BHPN aims to identify, address and promote issues of

common concern for these parishes and work for cohesion among the local authorities

responsible for the AONB


Our key ongoing concerns about matters affecting the Blackdown Hills, and those who

live and work here (and those visiting to enjoy the natural beauty), are:

1 Climate & The Environment

In line with the government, principal local authorities, the AONB, and our member Parish

Councils we recognise the threat to the climate and the environment and the need to

help address this – encouraging and supporting member parishes to work to reduce

carbon emissions, reduce waste, and support and enhance the natural environment.

2 Planning

Given our location within an AONB, confusing and contradictory decisions are made by

Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) on occasions. We will attempt to work with LPAs,

providing them with input and advice and urging them to pay more attention to the

views of statutory consultees, including the AONB Team, and reflect Parish Councils’ and

communities’ concerns in planning decisions and consent conditions.

3 Broadband

Over the last 8-10 years the government has regularly stressed the importance of rolling

out superfast and then full-fibre broadband – backing this with a number of dedicated

funding schemes. Throughout the Blackdown Hills – where plenty of residents and

businesses still receive very slow speeds which adversely impact on business, education

and leisure - we need to see this become a reality: we need Connecting Devon &

Somerset and Devon and Somerset County Councils (the County Councils) to deliver.

4 Highways & Transport

Guided by input from our member Parish Councils, we will attempt to work with the

County Councils (as Statutory Highways Authorities) to address the impact of HGVs, and

the 60mph national speed limits outside villages. on our narrow country lanes. We would

welcome structured discussions with the County Councils about public transport.